About us

Bohemian Wonders is a one-woman-business owned by Elise Buch 

Since Elise had dreadlocks from the age of 19 to 24 her journey as self employed begun back then, when she made a community on Instagram for dreadheads all over the world. She later on made a webshop with the help from a woman called Lisa, and they worked together for 1,5 years until Elise brushed out her locks and Lisa had other projects she was working on. The two continued on each of their own projects and that was when the focus on Wonderlocks switched to Bohemian Wonders instead.

Elise had been into vintage since her teen years and wanted to make an inspiring universe full of colours and patterns. She strugged to get started, and for the first year she had to mainly sell clothing from other brands and vintage pieces she collected from different places. But in the summer 2020 she finally made it possible to launch her first few designs, and from then she've been creating more and more stunning pieces that you can now find on here. 

Her head is still full of amazingly interesting ideas for the future, but with any small business you have to take small steps and see where they take you.